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Revolutionize Your Production with the Advanced O Type Bundle Turnover System

Revolutionize Your Production with the Advanced O Type Bundle Turnover System

In the dynamic world of automotive, electrical manufacturing, and machinery processing, efficiency and precision are paramount. Enter the O Type Bundle Turnover system – in handling sheet metal stacks with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

Innovative Technology for Diverse IndustriesThe O Type Bundle Turnover system is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of industrial needs. Whether you're in automotive production, electrical manufacturing, or machinery processing, this system provides the versatility and reliability you need for optimal performance.

PLC Control and User-Friendly InterfaceAt the heart of the O Type Bundle Turnover system is its state-of-the-art PLC control and touch-screen interface. This advanced technology ensures easy operation and allows for precise control, making it accessible to operators of all skill levels.

Safety and Fault DiagnosisSafety is a top priority in any industrial setting. The O Type Bundle Turnover system comes equipped with a complete safety protection system and an advanced fault diagnosis system. These features provide peace of mind and ensure a safe working environment.

Environment-Friendly Clamping OptionsUnderstanding the importance of environmental responsibility, the system offers two clamping methods: pneumatic and hydraulic. The pneumatic clamping is particularly noteworthy for its eco-friendly nature, as it does not pollute plate materials.

Adjustable Clamping ForceBoth clamping methods are designed to automatically adjust the clamping force. This prevents sheet slippage and ensures secure handling of materials, regardless of their size and weight.

Customization for Specific NeedsRecognizing that every production line is unique, the O Type Bundle Turnover system can be customized according to your logistics layout and feeding method. This tailored approach guarantees that the system seamlessly integrates into your existing processes.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Turnover Capacity: 10 to 15 tons

  • Max. Turnover Length: 4000 to 4500 mm

Experience the future of sheet metal handling with the O Type Bundle Turnover system. Its combination of advanced technology, safety features, and customization options make it an indispensable tool for modern industrial applications. Revolutionize your production process and achieve new levels of efficiency and precision.



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