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Hand Pallet Truck Wheel Maintenance


Many users in the use of manual hydraulic truck due to not pay attention to the normal operating norms and lead to the failure of the pallet truck, but do not know what causes, we know the pallet truck fork does not rise the reason will be in the emergence of this problem when the first consideration is the problem of the oil pump; we found a fork on the casters not on the ground will know is usually used in the process of overload or off-load reasons. Manual hydraulic truck casters play an irreplaceable role in the whole handling process, in the use of which we must pay attention to maintenance, so as to make our work efficiency greatly improved.

The user is responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the pallet truck casters. To avoid improper use or equipment, there is to overload, heavy special to be placed lightly on the car. Rough road at high speed or heavy objects hitting and pressing the wheels can lead to damage to the wheels or equipment.

Therefore, please check regularly.


Put the loose wheel axle with the nut on tight and check whether the weld or support plate is damaged. Overloads or impacts can cause brackets to twist. Twisted brackets cause heavy loads to be tilted against individual wheels and lead to premature wheel damage. In the case of rod type casters, tighten the nuts or rivet them firmly and make sure that the equipment mounting brackets are not bent and that the rods are properly installed. Use locknuts or lock washers when installing casters. The installation of expansion rod caster should ensure that the rod is firmly installed in the casing.


By adding lubricant regularly, the pallet truck casters and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Apply grease to the axle, seals and roller bearing friction parts, can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Lubricate every six months under normal conditions. The wheels should be lubricated after the car is cleaned every month.


Visually inspect the wheels for wear and tear. Poor wheel rotation is related to fine red, rope and other debris. Anti-tangle cover can shade block these debris winding. The caster is too loose or too tight is also another factor, replace the broken wheel / caster to avoid erratic rotation. After inspecting and replacing the wheel, ensure that the axle is tightened with locking spacers and nuts. Loose axles can cause the wheel width to rub against the bracket and seize. Replacement wheels and bearings should be available to avoid downtime losses.


If the movable steering is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the center rivet of the caster is nut fixed, make sure it is locked firmly. If the movable steering cannot turn freely, check whether there is corrosion or dirt at the ball. If the assembly has fixed type casters, must ensure that the caster bracket is not bent.




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